• Auto-Allocation of sales orders/release orders
  • Manual allocation
  • Picking to the end carton
  • User-configurable allocation rules:
    • FIFO
    • FEFO
    • Batch No.
    • By Lot ID
  • Ability to utilize more than one allocation rule within a wave
  • Pallet optimization & recommendation
  • Full pallet, case & piece picking
  • Place & release holds by lot
  • Ability to record batch number at picking time (even if not recorded earlier)
  • Picks can be directed to shipping areas
  • Full support for zone picking
  • System will attempt to find an alternate location if the original is not-stocked
  • Several variations of carton repack/verification screens
  • Repack cartons & pallets using RF or desktop client


Sales order

Inventory will be tagged at sales order by inventory allocation status and reserve the stock at picklist based on the policy defined in preferences i.e. FIFO, LIFO and FEFO by batch and bin. Once the sales order is raised, warehouse user will confirm the Sales order.

System should internally check the Stock, credit limit, credit days and price range for the order and while saving the sales order confirmation.

  • Provide stock check by inventory status through info panel or report. In SO, Provide report to check inventory status wise, stock availability before raising ‘SO’.

Sales Order Confirmation

Once the Sales Order is Entered in the system then user need to generate the Sales Order Confirmation document. While generating the SO Confirmation then system need to check the below conditions based on the authorization flow defined for the Sales order confirmation document. If any of the criteria does not match then system need to update the “Reason Code” against the Order used for MIS purpose

Following are the Conditions for generating the SO Confirmation. Each of these conditions should be defined as a node at authorizations flow. Incase if any of the condition failed, document should go for the approval of the user selected in failed condition node. And also update the Status field selected in authorization definition node with the reason entered; hence user will know the condition which is failed.

  1. Check the Stock Availability Based on Inventory Status. – Enable Negative stock check ,checkbox in authorization definition
  2. Check the Credit Limit of the customer—Enable Credit limit exceeded, check box in authorization definition
  3. Check the Credit Days of outstanding bills for the customer- Enable Credit days exceeded, check box in authorization definition
  4. Check the Rate is within the Price Range.- Should define price book by customer  and define the condition based on the price book variables to check the price within the range

Allocate pick list Line wise

In this screen, the group pick can be assigned by selecting a check box which and following points are to be considered:

Group Pick.

Group pick will be used to pick the materials for multiple orders from the location at a time. This will save the time of picking. Picker does not need to travel through the warehouse for orders one by one.  This group picking will be done based on the distance of the bin in the warehouse i.e. distance and level defined in the bin master. Provide option to define the group pick in the pick list allocation screen by adding following fields

Create Group Pick.

Once the user opens the allocate pick list Screen   and enabled group pick checkbox, System should generate a Group ID based on the series defined in the preferences. Select all the Pick List No’s which need to be clubbed under the same Group ID. System should add all those pick List to the create Group pick request.


  1. There should be option to Add, edit and Remove the Pick List before starting the Group Pick.
  2. There should be option to Edit/Add/Remove Group ID/Cluster ID before starting the Group Pick.
  3. User should have an option of entering the priority details while generating a group pick, based on the priority the group pick allocated will be shown as the High priority at top, followed by Normal, Low.

Pick List

Short pick

  • Short Pick – If the total required qty is not available then Picker will pick with Short Pick qty less than required qty) Option.
  • In the Case of Short pick then the Picker need to enter the “Reason Code”, save the same in header extra field in pick confirmation document

In this scenario if physical quantity is not available for the product in the Bin then system need to generate a Spot Cycle request  with ‘zero’ qty and send  it for authorization

Pick Grouped Pick list

Once the pick list is assigned to user, the same can be confirmed in mobile device or desktop.

  1. The Picker will scan the Group ID/ Cluster ID in HHT.
  2. System should consolidate all the quantity based on products.
  3. The system should load the shortest distance Bin first with first product.



Once the Pick List confirmation is generated and moved to the Shipping floor the Packing / shipping document will be generated.

  1. Packer need to scan the Pick List confirmation No and system should show the details of the Items which are picked.
  2. Packer can club the Products with Quantity and assign to a box which further identified by the Box Numbers used for packing (Eg : Box1,Box2).

Print customer name, carton No, Product Name, Quantity, and Address to be shipped details to be printed on each Box of Cartonization

  • Different products may be allowed in a single box
  • SKID ID generation is optional in Packing
  • If selected carton has series, Displays  the next available number otherwise generate from pick list  number
  • Check the Capacity or CBM or L*W*H of the products while receiving them based on the preference selection
  • In case, unit are used check the capacity or CBM by converting into base unit quantity
  • IN second grid, If  one row of specific box selected, select the rows of the selected box while generating the skid id
  • Once Cartonization is done clicking on save, internally post the Document which is selected in preferences. Every carton box has to post different document  in order to print the product labels along with carton details
  • Print customer name, carton No, Product Name, Quantity, Address to be shipped details to be print on each Box of Cartonization
  • Multiple products can be placed in one carton
  • One pick confirmation items can be packed in multiple skids.

Bin Enquiry

Allocating Pick List

Pick List Confirmation Report