• Receiving with pallet ID
  • ASN receiving with different pack keys (e.g. Pallet, Carton)
  • Expected & Unexpected Receipts
  • Record Batch No. (Expiry & Manufacturing Date)
  • Put-Away logic based on item, category & location
  • System directed Receiving & Put-Away
Direct Receipt:

Direct Receipt – if selected, user can receive the material to any Bin rather than receiving to a “Receiving Floor”

Staged Receipt:

Staged Receipt –if selected, while receiving the ASN in the HHT, Bin 2 location will be loaded automatically based on the Receiving Floor defined in the warehouse. That means he can receive the material only to the “Receiving Floor”.

  • Provide option to warehouse manager to allocate the ASN to a particular user. At the time of allocation the manager should be able to see all ASNs (jobs) given to the user so that he can see the load on each user and then he will select one or more ASNs and allocate to a User.
  • Inventory allocation status will be assigned at PO and carry forward to ASN using links.
  • Actual stock allocation will be done at RTS while updating stock
  • There should be another Inventory status, which should be handled as a bit. Provide bits in Bin table to maintain other status like Hold, Damaged and Inspection etc. and split the quantity accordingly
  • Gate No will be linked with a Stage.
  • Gate No will be assigned to the ASN
  • ASN can be received only once the Gate No is assigned.

Inward Process Handheld

Advance Shipment Notice

Virtual Stock Analysis