A cycle count is an inventory auditing procedure, which falls under inventory management, where a small subset of inventory, in a specific location/ warehouse/ bin, is counted on a specified day.

There will be 2 types of Stock Count.

  1. Cycle Count
  2. Spot Cycle Count.

Cycle count Request

This screen raises a request to check count of the stock based on the BIN/SKID/ Product or combination of all the three. Once the request is raised and allocated to user then user starts the count using the HHT and in case of any stock mismatch internally it raises a stock adjustment document selected in preferences for the stock mismatch and sends it for approval. Once the stock adjustment document is approved, posts the inventory correction using the excess / shortage document selected in preferences..

Incase excess /shortage is posted. Calculate the stock ageing as explained below

  • Pick last purchase date, inherit that ageing for stock.
  • For batches – Excess stock, assign existing batch, inherit that batch ageing, costing etc.

Work Flow

Cycle Count Request -> Cycle count allocation -> Cycle Count Confirmation (HHT) – > Excess/Shortage in case of stock mismatch

  1. Cycle Count can be created for a Bin or Skid or for a Product or a combination of all.
  2. If the Cycle Count is for specifically for a Bin or Skid then the system automatically need to load all the Products in the Bin or Skid in Cycle Count Request and user should able to Unselect Unwanted Products (if required)
  3. If the Cycle Count is for specifically for a Product then   if product filter applied, system automatically need to load all the Bin or Skid in where the product is located to the Cycle Count Request and user should able to Unselect unwanted the Bin or Skid (if required)

Allocate Cycle Count Request

At the time of allocation, the manager should be able to see all Cycle count requests (and other jobs like SRA, pick list) given to the user so that he can see the load on each user and then he will select one or more Cycle count requests and allocate to a User.

Cycle count confirmation

The request contains the list of details to be scanned i.e.., Bin, SKID, Product. This screen is available both mobile pap and desktop.

The Request No will be scanned to start the count after allocated to User.

  1. List of details for which the cycle count request is raised will be shown as read only.
  2. User will Scan the Bin following Skid and Product Code and Enter the Actual Quantity.
  3. After scanning of Bin/ SKID/ Product then user will be allowed to enter the ‘QTY’ field based on the preference settings. i.e. “Do not allow quantity input”. (Checkbox)- If this checkbox enabled, make the quantity field read-only.

Spot Cycle Count

Warehouse Management