Focus MRP : Smart planner for process efficiency

Focus Softnet is paving the way for today’s manufacturers to streamline business processes and overcome the challenges of production by breaking down barriers to growth. With Focus MRP, a robust ERP software for the manufacturing industry, owners can effectively handle customer demand and respond to evolving markets.

Developed by Focus Softnet, one of the most trusted MRP software providers, Focus MRP is a one-stop AI driven ERP for manufacturing and a complete cloud MRP solution. It enables manufacturers to track, measure, and monitor their entire manufacturing business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to the final product. It’s an ideal solution for manufacturing units/plants and supply-chain establishments as it combines efficiency and compliance to guarantee customer satisfaction. Right from the stage where a product is planned to the stage where it’s shipped out of storage and delivered, Focus MRP ensures that all production processes are carried out in accordance with the production plans.

  • Minimize production bottlenecks
  • Achieve greater transparency and operational control
  • Reduce costs and increase resource utilization
  • Better customer satisfaction with on-time delivery
  • Skill based identification and planning of human or machine resources for work centres
  • Scheduling of output based on plant-wise capacity
  • Can achieve standard output with pre-defined route in production line
  • On-time material requirement analysis and procurement reminders
  • Can Generate reports based on forecast, process or completion
  • Developed on .Net with MS-SQL
  • Fully integrated with the ERP
  • API Enabled
  • N-tier architecture supports Load balancing
  • Define calendars for multiple locations with work hours
  • Skill based identification and planning of man or machine for work centers.
  • Scheduling of output based on plant wise capacity
  • Prepare bill of material for required output
  • Achieve standard output with pre-defied route in production line
  • On time material requirements analysis and procurement reminders
  • Generate forecast, completion or process based reports.


Smart Planner for Process Efficiency
Manufacturing businesses need software that are not only effective in material requirement planning but are also easy to operate and integrate with existing workflows. As the provider of some of the best software for manufacturing and logistic establishments, Focus Softnet’s solutions are known for their integration capabilities and quick deployment.


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  • Bill of Material
  • Production Resource Tools
  • GUI Routing
  • Work Centre Capacity Definitions
i i
  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast
  • Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements
  • Issues and Transfers to Production
  • Variance Analysis
  • Replenishment Report
  • Integration with finance and Inventory
  • Updating of the Production Cost including overhead
  • Integration with Warehouse Management for better Inventory control
  • JIT management
l l
  • User Defined Test Definition
  • Rule definition for testing
  • QC Requisition
  • Sample And Total Test
  • Test Approvals
  • Quantity Breakups
  • Job Definition for individual Machine or Asset
  • Job Scheduling
  • Maintenance Job Card
  • Break down scheduling
  • Asset Tracking and management
  • Add and Remove Value or Components
  • Capitalization of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Allows Conversion of asset
  • Retire asset
  • Schedule depreciation and
  • Customizable Reports


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