A Van Sales System or Route Accounting System is a business software program that captures, records, and costs out sales transactions for distributors with mobile warehouses. The warehouses are usually trucks operating as Direct Store Distributors for Van Sales or Pre-Sell, all of which require delivery confirmation. Such a system enables a driver to efficiently serve the customer by delivering, accepting orders, issuing invoices, and collecting payments.

  • Van Sales is mainly used for handling on-the-spot type of sales where customers orders items and sales person delivers it at same time – without any pre-booked orders.
  • For this purpose, items are loaded in the Van based on forecast for estimated sales in one trip.
  • But at the same time, this system can be used for delivering goods for previously booked orders and for booking new orders for delivery in next trip.
  • Effective Management control by ensuring
  • Eliminating manually generated reports
  • Timely and accurate reconciliation of Cash and Stock
  • Capability of providing various reports and information for analysis
  • Efficient Distribution cycle
  • A comprehensive control on Distribution

Sales, productivity and communications reports. Spot anomalies, and identify while they are small and easily dealt with.

Van Sales Handheld Screen

Sales Quote Register Report