To be successful in today’s competitive business climate you need more than just managerial vision and excellent staff. You need to manage information for which you need to have superior software system. With real-time information you can analyze your financial profile and enhance predictability. This needs a reporting tool that acts as a digital nervous system of your entire organization giving you summarized information retrieved through the enterprise network.

Focus I goes beyond standard financial accounting solution in providing you with an integrated financial sub-system.


As Focus RT is completely modular and seamlessly integrates with each of its modules, you can choose any of the modules that you currently need to get started with and keep adding other modules as the need arises.


Weather you grow by 10% or 500% after implementing Focus RT, our solutions are immediately and effortlessly scalable and provide the same speed, customizability and flexibility at all levels

Detailed reports

With Focus RT, you get detailed information of your Materials, Production, Sales and Finances, while managing and retaining your customer at the same time.

High and Quick Return on Investment

We believe in a value-driven approach to business. With our reasonably priced solutions, the low implementation time and a highly business driven approach for reportage and training, makes a high and quick RoI certain.

Speed to market

Focus RT enables you to gain new market insights and adapt to changes much quickly thus providing you and edge in the market. It seamlessly extends your processes beyond your organization to tightly integrate suppliers and service providers into one, seamless value chain

Consolidated Multi-Company reports

Consolidate On-the-Fly various companies and extract all MIS reports including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Funds Flow, Cash Flow etc.

Customization of Reports
  • Easier customization of reports.
  • Allows multiple columns to be selected.
  • Allows Group Headings for multiple columns
Work-Flow / Links Designer
  • A visual designer to design the links by using drag and drop facility. Implementation is simplified using this feature. Other improvements in links include:
  • Design Links visually
  • Unlimited links
  • Load only links
  • Pick base document details when linked
  • Define default link
Audit Log Facility

FOCUS will provide an audit log facility at the application level. This audit log facility can be optionally enabled; it will maintain a log of all insertions, amendments and deletions to the database, carried out by each of the various forms. The log will include:

  • Date and time of action
  • The user name
  • The form /function name
  • The action ( Insert, Modify or Delete )
  • Identification of the record being acted upon

There will be utilities provided (to be used by the System Administrator) for inquiring, reporting and deleting the audit log entries so generated.

Report Designer

Work Flow

Audit Trail