Get full support for multi-process production for stocking, order-based, assemble-to-order situations with the manufacturing module.

The manufacturing module provides full support for multi-process production for stocking, order-based, assemble-to-order environments. The production planning gives a complete picture of Raw Material-in-hand, To Order and Best Order Quantity, Supplier analysis based on Orders to Execute or Daily/Monthly/Annual Sales Forecast etc.

Production Control:
  • Production Status reports with user configurable stages.
  • Planning Manufacturing Order Planning with facility to amend and reschedule processes.
  • Alerts on due dates and overdue dates.
  • Automatic calculation of start date by subtracting ‘lead time’ from completion date.
  • Capturing actual Man, Machine, and Material utilization along with Production time consumed during a production stage and on completion of all stages and analyzing the variance.
  • Production Forecasting is based on Man, Machine and Material availability.
  • In case of due start date, MO load is automatically repositioned at present date.
  • Sales Order/Forecast Based Planning.
  • Requirement Analyses based on Bill of Material.
  • Supplier Analyses based on Credit Limit, Lead time and Best Rate.
  • Purchase Requisition/Order Generation from Production Planning.
Bill of Material
  • Multi-Level Bill of Material for Multi-Process Production.
  • Raw Material Quantities.
  • Man-power Requirement.
  • Machine Requirement.
  • Finished Product/By-Product/Intermediate Product.
Shop Floor:
  • Multi level stock status reports.
  • Stock reservation with time frames and automatic / manual release.
  • Parameters such as safety stock, minimum quantity for reordering, vendor lot size, reordering level.
  • Possibility of planning in advance, Stock building and Stock depletion tracking.
  • Multi location stocking along with bin control.
  • Consumption Analysis.
  • Stage-wise Production.
  • Integration to GL.
  • Costing and Variance Analysis.

Production Register

Bill Of Material