General Ledger:

  • Maintains multi-level chart of account.
  • Multiple tags for analysis of unlimited multi-level (Departmental/Cost Center Analysis).
  • User-Defined customization of Masters for adding/dropping fields like text, integer, fraction, date, selection etc.
  • Multi-currency transactions & Reporting.
  • Multi-level user definable formats for reports.
  • Recurring/Reversal Journals.

Cash & Bank

  • Unlimited Cash and Bank Accounts.
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) handling.
  • Electronic Bank Reconciliation.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Multiple Petty Cash handling.
  • Columnar and Daily/Monthly Cash/Bank Books.
  • Cash Flow Forecast.

Payable /Receivable:

  • Optional Auto adjustment on FIFO Basis.
  • User Definable ageing reports.
  • Receivable/Payable by Branch/Job/Department.
  • Multi-currency transactions & Reporting.
  • Credit Limit check by Amount/Ageing of due-bills/approved sales orders.
  • Advance Receipts/Payments adjustable in customer/vendor invoice.
  • Carry Forward of open bills with full details to multiple years.

Financial Ledger

Ageing Analysis

Bank Book Report