The purchase management module of Focus 8 is a powerful way to ensure that accurate purchasing is effected through approved vendors and predefined rates, terms and conditions, ensuring that you protect your organization’s interests.

  • Complete Workflow Modules allow you to create multiple flows for recurring, one-time, local, import and various other types of purchase from requisition to supplier invoice
  • Authorization & Escalation Management allows you to control approvals for purchase quotes and orders through hierarchical and multiple level authorizations
  • Use our Price Book feature for easy and quick entries and updates of purchase prices across various parameters such as supplier, location, unit, etc.
  • Analyze quotes across various parameters such as price, credit limit, delivery schedule, etc. to ensure efficient and effective purchasing
  • Define, manage and execute orders through “Supplier Contracts” to ensure error-free order placement on pre-agreed terms and conditions

Managing your inventory across varying parameters, requirements, types of inventory, use cases, scenarios, etc. can be a daunting task. Focus 8 Inventory Management makes Inventory Management a liberating experience with its fully flexible capabilities.

  • Manage inventory across a wide variety of parameters including units, reorder levels, batches, locations, RMA, supplies, bins, brands, attributes, quality control, Reserve/Release, etc.
  • Establish a variety of costing methods including FIFO, LIFO, Standard Costing, Moving Weighted Average, etc.
  • Execute queries on a wide variety of scenarios such as actual stock, virtual stock including pending purchase orders, stock reserved, etc. across various warehouses
  • Manage inventory by Bins, attributes and capacities with user define Pick & Put strategies

Focus 8 is a highly flexible and customizable System that can adapt itself to a wide variety of varying business industries and verticals. This ensures that you run your business the way it needs to be run, and adapt our system to suit your needs rather than the other way around. Our system is already configured for, but not restricted to the following verticals:

  • Pharma/Perishable Goods Industries: Manage receipt and issuance of inventory based on batch, manufacturing date, date of expiry and related functions
  • Electronics/Warranty-Based Products: RMA module management allows you to track each item with its serial number and claim replacements or service for faults and defects
  • Fashion & Related Industries: Manage inventory attributes such as color, style, size, design, etc. and track stocks based on industry needs
  • Machinery Purchasing for Manufacturing Industries: Manage capital goods purchasing through the integrated fixed asset purchase and management module
  • Distribution Industries: Manage packing slips and lot integration for distribution within and outside of Free Zones and restricted trade zones
  • Project/Job Industries: Define & manage complete workflows from Purchasing to stocking and issuing of materials and merchandise based on project plans

The inventory utilities allow you to effectively control and manage your inventory through capable features that reduce time and increase accuracy and efficiency.

Manage physical stock checks through integrated hand-held devices for period-end or spot stock taking and reconciliations

Generate and print bar codes through the comprehensive bar-code generation utility

Integrated dashboard reorder alerts ensures that the purchase department is made aware of stocks going below defined reorder levels

Plan purchases based on sales orders, forecasting and other parameters

Use the step-by-step Purchase Planning wizard culminating in Purchase Orders


  • Integrates financials across departments
  • Monitors organizational health in real-time
  • Enables control & risk management
  • Improves management effectiveness

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