Focus 8 has a fully integrated Fixed Assets & Depreciation module that allows you to seamlessly create assets from purchases and perform statutory transactions and administrative functions efficiently and automatically.

  • Create assets from purchases instantly for single or multiple assets through quantity
  • Select from multiple depreciation methods (St. Line, cumulative, etc.) based on the selected asset
  • Create hierarchies and groups of various assets
  • Allocate assets to a location, employee or any other parameter
  • Define various periodic depreciation schedules for auto-posting to GL

Focus 8 provides informaiton to effectively plan, schedule and execute efficient maintenance processes signifying the effect on the P & L.

  • Scheduling of maintenance jobs
  • Track effective job performance
  • Track consumables and charges towards maintenance
  • Track replacements
  • Job material requirement procurement
  • Asset usage and tracking
  • Job scheduling based on usage
  • Breakdown scheduling and equipment failure
  • Maintenance reports

Focus 8 allows you to accurately reevaluate your assets, and asses their values based on their condition of repair.

  • Prolong your asset life by ensuring that it is in a good state of repair
  • Continually enhance asset value and capability by adding components as child attributes
  • Manage value deductions or accelerate depreciation as per the statutory compliances/as required
  • Automatically post entries into the financial module upon reevaluation
  • Add value to your assets upon repair completion

Focus 8 provides you with a seamless system that can manage your asset transfer, disposal and retirement. Automated integration with financials ensures that you always have an accurate picture of your organizational asset value and asset distribution.

  • Automatically post the gain/loss of value upon disposal of the asset
  • Deactivate/Retire fully depreciated assets automatically or manually
  • Park or pause the depreciation of inactive assets


Focus 8 Asset Management is fully integrated within the ecosystem ensuring that you always have complete information available to you throughout all modules. Effectively take decisions, use your assets to their fullest capacities and ensure maximum productivity.

  • Capitalize your assets from the inventory module
  • Use a variety of posting methods for financials to suit your specific situation (e.g. by month, group, etc.)
  • Integrate with Human Capital Management for assets that you have allotted to specific employees (e.g. laptops, cellphones, cars, etc.)
  • Seamlessly integrate with purchasing and post entries based on various parameters
  • Financial integration automatically posts transactions on transfer, disposal, repair, etc. to ensure that you always have an accurate financial picture


  • Accurately track & safeguard your assets
  • Reduce repetition and increase efficiencies of your administrative team through seamless integration
  • Maximize asset utilization to boost your efficiencies and ROI

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