Madarek Publishing House selects Focus 8 for future growth and scalability


Started in 2011, Madarek Publishing House attracts prominent writers and scholars who choose it to print their manuscripts and get them published.


Madarek publishes written works of established writers in English and Arabic and gives them exposure in famous book stores across Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company’s publications are easily available at well-known book stores, such as Jareer, Virgin book stores and many others. It’s also a regular participant in book fairs and exhibitions across the region.

With offices in Dubai, Riyadh and Lebanon, Madarek is now looking to grow its business and reach other regions within the GCC as well. For this, it has chosen Focus 8 to enable scalability and to aid its future growth.

The company chose Focus 8 for its flexibility and capability as a cloud-based solution, its ease of access across its multiple branches and book fairs, its mobility features and reporting tools.


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