Focus Softnet ensures that its solutions are deployed efficiently and quickly to avoid the wastage of the client’s resources

Proposal Stage: Focus Softnet attains responsibility right from the time when the client is interested in the software and willing to receive commercial proposal. To achieve this, we conduct Bird’s Eye View Study of the business requirements and other factors, which would affect the cost of the project. The Proposal is then submitted for the clients review with all the indications where the cost may go up due to defined reasons.

Business Process Study: This is a detailed study conducted by interviewing the potential users of the software from different department, as indicated by the client (Users interviewed include decision makers and non-decision makers). After the interviewing process, our consultants collect all the important documents which are used to understand the business process along with the requirements of each department. A standard input questionnaire is submitted to all users to identify the requirements. Also, we collect information regarding the frequently viewed reports and the reasons for viewing, this list also includes the wish list of reports that users would like to have. Having completed these procedures, Focus Softnet’s team summarizes the requirements and prepares a detailed document mentioning the Documentation flow, Authorization flow, Requirements by each module, requirement of reports for each department and the business rules to be included. This document gives an overview of the proposed implementation.

Implementation Planning: Once the BPS (Business Process Study) is approved and authorized by the steering committee for ERP, the planning of implementation schedule is designed. A detailed plan of Implementation is produced, which includes number of hours and days required to accomplish the whole project bifurcated by each module.

Customizations: Upon the approval of BPS, Focus Softnet will submit a document indicating the customizations required, which are specified by the authorized users of the client. A special report, which includes customizations required and reasons for the requirements is presented to our client. Once the users accept the customizations, the development team of Focus Softnet will submit the time frame for development, testing / debugging and integrating with ERP.

Focus Deliverables Report: Before starting the implementation, Focus Softnet submits the deliverables report outlining the deliverables to the client. It includes software, licenses, training, customization, integrations and data import.
Focus Requirements Report: Before starting the implementation, Focus Softnet submits the requirements reports outlining the requirements from the client. This includes identifying the decision-making users by department, users list, payments, IT support, functional support and resources.

  • Implementation execution as per the plan
  • Delivery of customizations as per the plan
  • Integrations as per the plan
  • Authorization Flow configuration
  • Stage wise Approvals
  • Testing
  • User configuration
  • Training
  • Going Live