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Enabling You !

                   Enabling Efficiencies                        Enabling SOPs                                Enabling Lean Infrastructure

               With all the complexities of business       Be it trading, manufacturing, warehousing &   Focus 8’s cloud friendly nature puts you in the
               surrounding you, and systems that you need   logistics, services, real estate, healthcare,   driver’s seat. Choose the size and scale of your
               to adhere to, the least we can do is provide   hospitality, academia or virtually any    ERP deployment and enjoy its scalable ability
               an easy to use, intuitive system which is a   business environment, we bring our         to grow in unison with your organization.
               breeze to operate. Focus 8 will make you    expertise to serve you.
               feel at home within minutes.
                                                                                                         Ability to host the application on cloud
               Interactive home screen for ease of data    Generic core ERP system applicable for
                 entry                                        virtually any industry                     Scale number of users & modules based on
                                                                                                          your need
               Consistent UI design across modules         Vertical specific expansions available for a
               Intuitive channeling of data through          variety of industries                      Enjoy latest updates
                 workflows                                   Easy and efficient integration across

               User specific multiple dashboards              modules and vertical specific systems
               User specific report libraries               Fully comprehensive end-to-end system

               Focus 8 – Simplified for you!                Focus 8 – Adapting to suit your needs!       Focus 8 – Fits you !

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