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Enabling You !

                   Enabling Data Unification                     Enabling Responses                          Enabling Proactivity

               It is thrilling to note that your scale and size of   Earlier generations of systems only listened   The more you grow, the more complex your
               operations demands multiple companies or     to what you had to “say”, remember it, and   business becomes. Suddenly there are too
               SBU’s to manage all the business traffic.     display it back to you. Focus 8 now responds   many deadlines that come up, deliverables that
               However, we well understand the effort       to instructions. Tell it* what to do via various   need to be timely executed, and commitments
               required in consolidating and collating      media, and watch the magic unfold as Focus   to be honored, creating organizational reputa-
               cross-company information. Getting holding   8 obeys your commands.                      tion. The Schedulers & Alerts of Focus 8 help
               company reports and positions is now easier    Communicates using dashboards, alerts,   you do just that.
               than ever.                                                                                Recurring journals
                                                              SMS, Email and GTalk
               Automated inter-company transaction         Understands and acts on replies* received    Receivables reminders
                                                              through the dashboard, alerts, Email and    Pending task alerts (for authorizations,
               Inter-company field mapping                    GTalk.                                      workflows, etc.)

               Inter-company in & out transaction              App enhances the portable communica-    Periodic reports
                 mailboxes                                    tion capability of the system              Expiry based alerts

               Multiple company consolidated reports       Integrated document emailing capabilities   User defined limit based alerts for currency
                                                                                                          and stocks
               Focus 8 – Holds your SBUs together!          Focus 8 – Your digital employee!            Focus 8 –Remembering for you!

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