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Enabling You !

                   Enabling Governance                          Enabling Controls                            Enabling Reach

               You set responsibilities – and they should be   No matter how disciplined your organization or   Now that you have all your locations and units
               followed! But who’s watching? Let Focus 8    how robust our system, hierarchical approvals   using the same systems, it is particularly
               govern your business for you, leaving you to   and crisis escalations are essential for   important that they all share data amongst
               do what you do best – grow it further.       effective business performance.              themselves, allowing you to have access to

                                                            Define unlimited* approval trees and         critical information regardless of where you are.
               Define unlimited* workflows for all
                 business processes                           hierarchies                                Two way offline & online synchronization
                                                            Proactively auto-escalate critical functions
               Induct new users at optimum productivity    Authorize on the go through Email, SMS or
                 instantly                                                                               Scheduled Synchronization
                                                              our Mobile App
               Be assured that business standards and      Delegate authorization permissions to       Multiple Server Architecture Capabilities
                 protocols are followed                       individuals or groups based on varying
                                                              criteria (e.g. all, any one, majority, percent-    Sync conflict management utilities
               Drive productivity through robust system      age threshold, etc.)
                                                            Define authorization by line item
                                                                                                         Focus 8 – Seamlessly gathers cross-location
               Focus 8 – Enhancing ROIs for you !           Focus 8 – Monitors actionable tasks for you!  data for you!

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