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Enabling You !

                   Enabling Scalability                         Enabling Mobility                            Enabling Decisions

               The extensive nature of the solution allows   The revolutionary new system architecture of   Business Intelligence, now more than ever is
               Focus 8 to adapt to your organization’s size   Focus 8 brings the power of the ERP to your   the elixir of success. Real-time, accurate
               and depth and grow user roles and profiles to   “pocket”. Focus 8 apps bring real-time     information, presented in an intuitive layout, is
               suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.  dashboards, reports, business intelligence, and   a determining factor to your success.

                                                            various functions of the ERP system to you,
               Modular structure lets you plan the ERP     wherever you are.
                 rollout strategy                                                                        ”Slice & Dice” your data in any way that you like
                                                            Real-time system design gives you
                                                              up-to-the-minute accurate information for    Advanced customizable & role-specific
               Unlimited* masters, tags & workflows let       effective and powerful decision making       dashboards put you in charge of what you
                 you define & evolve your company’s SOPs                                                    see, and how you see it
                                                              wherever you are

               Powerful Application Programming Interface    Role specific system access allows you to    Cross-Modular Reports show you the
                                                                                                           complete picture arming you with holistic
                 (API) lets you expand your operational       define the functionality extended to mobile   information to make informed decisions
                 unification across your organization          devices be it for field resources, sales teams
                                                              or decision makers

               Focus 8 – It grows with you!                 Focus 8 – Surfing clouds to go where you go!  Focus 8 – Intelligence that supports you!

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