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Human Capital Management

                   Timesheet & Payroll

               Monitor the discipline of your organization  through  effective timesheet and
               payroll management.
               Integrate with various attendance machines at all of your locations
               Define and design multiple timesheet input options
               Monitor attendance by shift, site, job, etc.
               Define parameters for and automatically calculate normal, overtime and
                 holiday overtime pay
               Define payroll periods and employee categories
               Manage employee sites and shifts
               Automatically monitor & execute shift rotation
               Generate periodic automated password protected payslips

               Manage governance using salary ledgers, comparison reports, salary analysis
                 reports, etc.

                   Vacation, Leaves & End of Service                                        Loans Management

               Effectively manage your employee vacation, leaves and end of service benefits   Focus 8 allows you to effectively manage loans issued to your
               through the fully integrated Focus 8 human capital management module.    resources. Define loan policies and have them executed through

               Various general ledger posting methods (by month, group, etc.)          the authorization matrix capabilities of Focus 8.
               Manage virtually any type of leave (e.g. sick, casual, vacation, maternity, etc.)   Manage the full loan management system from loan
               Define gender based leaves                                                 application to loan approval, payment, deferment and
               Define leave encashment policies
                                                                                        Manage and document surety for loans issued
               Define various rules of enjoying leaves as per your company policies

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