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Human Capital Management

                   Recruitment Management

               A core essential for growth and sustainability is recruitment. Focus 8 packs a highly
               capable recruitment management module which enables you to manage your
               recruitment process through its lifecycle.
                Plan manpower requirements
                Define your recruitment requirements globally or by department
                Create an organization-wide CV Bank
                Integrate your website’s careers page with the application or online CV submission
                Use our utilities to import bulk CVs from excel
                Powerful scanning facility lets you find suitable candidates from the CV Bank based
                 on specific departmental requirements
               Manage CV screening, shortlisting, interviews and offer letter issuance through the system
               Take online tests from aspiring candidates in multiple languages

                   Performance & Appraisal Management                                   Personnel Training & Career Planning

               Create and define appraisal questionnaires and their recurrence patterns  With the Personnel Training & Career Planning module, you can develop
                                                                                   your human resources to fit your organization’s requirements, and ensure
               Create and define KPIs and goal sheets to track your employee       that you are a responsible employer by developing your resources’
                 performances                                                      careers effectively.

               Create multiple level appraisal structures                          Define course masters and schedules
               Provide employees with a facility to login online and evaluate themselves    Allow departments to raise training requests for select employees
                 through self-appraisal                                             Ensure effectiveness of training through attendance reports

               Use the Performance Management Dashboard to quickly ascertain the    Ascertain training retention through course based examinations and
                 performance levels of your human capital                             result evaluations
                                                                                    Training bonds with employees as required

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