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Production Management

                   Vertical Based Production

               Focus 8 comes fully equipped with a versatile vertical-based production planning module. Depending upon the type of production style, Focus 8 allows
               you to define virtually unlimited combinations of production processes ranging from Formula based BOMs, to assembly, back flushing and job
               Process Production: Define fixed formulae for various BOMs to produce finished goods (e.g Chemicals, Paints, Dyes, etc.)
               Back Flushing: Work backwards to identify raw material consumption based on finished good selection. (e.g. ingredients for finished dishes
                 consumed from stock, etc.)

               Assembly Production: Manage multiple routes for sub-assemblies and finished assemblies
               Job Production: Create user-defined BOMs for specific or generic jobs, and ensure that issued stocks are specific to the job output
                   Production Material Handling

               Focus 8 ensures that you have a complete and comprehensive grip on the handling of materials through the production cycle.
               Transfer stock to and from stores and the production floor
               Monitor, collate and ensure that the quantities of issued stock from stores, items return to stores and finished goods from shop floor production add
                 up accurately
               Control wastage, variances, and threshold management of raw material issues and obtain real-time production status
               Monitor final product cost based on the costing module of production and variances as defined in the Work Center


                   Maintain optimum utilization of manufacturing resources and deliver maximum output
                   Improve overall productivity and efficiency, and as a consequence, reduce production cost
                   Streamline production process and improve final product quality
                   Ensure timely delivery to customers and improve customer satisfaction

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