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Sales Management

                   Vertical Specific Sales Processes                                                    Sales Promotions & Schemes

               Restaurant Management: Manage the complete end-to-end restaurant experience for your    Define volume based rates and discounts
                 patrons digitally from table reservations, to a tablet menu, order processing, kitchen
                 integration, recipe management, and billing settlement and also provide home delivery and    Execute  “free” item promotions based on a
                 takeaway functionality                                                                variety of parameters including quantity, item
                                                                                                       purchased, etc.
               Projects & Contracting: Manage sales for projects and contacts through progressive
                 percentage completion based invoicing                                               Establish volume purchase based offers (e.g Buy
                                                                                                       2 get 1 Free)
               Installment & Hire purchase Billing: Manage installment based through effective
                 management of post-dated instruments collection and rights transfer on full payment    Create Loyalty schemes based on purchase
                Service Industry Billing: Generate invoices based on industry standards for a variety of
                 industries including Financial services, advertising, professional services and many more   Generate discount & promo coupons and
                                                                                                       integrate them into your campaign
                Mobile Sales: Manage field based sales activities  including Van-Sales and other aspects
                 through effective and integrated devices
                Other Industries: Manage sales for a variety of industries including Pharma & Food Items   Benefits
                 (tracked by batches), Electronics and Mobiles (tracked by RMA), Fashion (defined by
                 attributes such as color & size) and many more                                        Enhanced customer satisfaction and
                                                                                                        increased customer loyalty
                Intelligent Application Programming Interface (API) can further configure and personalize    Improve your sales force efficiency and
                 the sales process to suit your industry and specific business                           define/adhere    to   industry  standard
                   Integration                                                                        Lower bad debts and improve receivables
                                                                                                        through accurate and timely action
               Integrate the CRM on every sales quote to build a databank for effective schemes and     Deploy  across  multiple  industry  domains
                 activities                                                                             over a single application ensuring
               Integrate the MRP module on order booking                                               streamlined group consolidation
               Integrate warehouses/bins for distribution                                             locations     integrate  over  multiple
               Integrate the Service module for maintenance support and billing                       Gain a competitive edge with  critical
               Integrate back-to-back purchases in the workflow                                         information on the dashboard for quick
               Integrate with financials to reduce entries and have up to the minute reports            decisions

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