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Supply Chain Management

                   Purchase Management

               The purchase management module of Focus 8 is a powerful way to ensure
               that accurate purchasing is effected through approved vendors and
               predefined rates, terms and conditions, ensuring that you protect your organi-
               zation’s interests.

                Complete Workflow Modules allow you to create multiple flows for recur-
                 ring, one-time, local, import and various other types of purchase from requi-
                 sition to supplier invoice
                Authorization & Escalation Management allows you to control approvals for
                 purchase quotes and orders through hierarchical and multiple level authori-
                Use our Price Book feature for easy and quick entries and updates of
                 purchase prices across various parameters such as supplier, location, unit, etc.
                 Analyze quotes across various parameters such as price, credit limit,
                 delivery schedule, etc. to ensure efficient and effective purchasing

                Define, manage and execute orders through “Supplier Contracts” to ensure
                 error-free order placement on pre-agreed terms and conditions

                   Inventory management

               Managing your inventory across varying parameters, requirements, types of inventory, use cases, scenarios, etc. can be a daunting task. Focus 8
               Inventory Management makes Inventory Management a liberating experience with its fully flexible capabilities.
                Manage inventory across a wide variety of parameters including units, reorder levels, batches, locations, RMA, supplies, bins, brands, attributes,
                 quality control, Reserve/Release, etc.
                Establish a variety of costing methods including FIFO, LIFO, Standard Costing, Moving Weighted Average, etc.
                Execute queries on a wide variety of scenarios such as actual stock, virtual stock including pending purchase orders, stock reserved, etc. across
                 various warehouses
                Manage inventory by Bins, attributes and capacities with user define Pick & Put strategies

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