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Finance Management

                   Accounts Receivable & Delinquency Management                                      Accounts Payable

               Discount terms lets you decide the discounts applicable on a wide variety of parame-    Custom-define  payable  bills  adjustment  based  on
                 ters such as customer, invoice, master, item, group, value, time, settlement etc.   their due dates

               Manage Currency Gain/Loss settlement differences & postings automatically post    Automatically post currency exchange gain/loss
                 receipt of collections                                                             transactions based on the billed and paid amounts
               Settle bills through multiple options based on FIFO adjustments, bills of specified due   & currencies
                 dates or as advances                                                             Automate Tax entries and posting of Direct VAT/GST
                                                                                                    and various other tax calculations from payments
               Delinquency management allows you to define follow up methods, intervals, and        including taxes to be deducted
                 formats which can be triggered on various parameters such as customer, date,
                 overdue by, finance terms and other scenarios                                     Execute vendor specific statements and aging analy-
                                                                                                    sis based on parameters such as outstanding, adjust-
               Execute customer specific statements and aging analysis based on parameters such     ed, pending only, cut-off dates, predefined slabs, etc.
                 as outstanding, adjustments, pending only, cut-off dates, predefined slabs, etc. and   and choose whether to include or exclude post-dat-
                 choose whether to include or exclude post-dated instruments                        ed instruments

                   Financial Planning & Budgeting
                Automatically create budgets based on parameters based on previous year budgets,
                 actuals, percentages or period based appropriations                                  Integrates financials across
                Allow department or cost center based budgetary planning
                                                                                                      Monitors organizational health in
                Exercise strict control & monitor performance of actuals against the defined budgets    real-time
                 and set restrictions, warnings and alerts for variations, escalations & approvals
                                                                                                      Enables control & risk management
                View budgets within the cash flow calendar to compare actuals with budgeted flows
                                                                                                      Improves management
                Flexibility in the budgets module allows you to create multiple budget revisions for   effectiveness
                 multiple and variable periods of months and years

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