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Business Intelligence

                   KPI Definition                                          Report Writer

               An imperative tool to analyze data comes from KPI      The intelligent report writer provided with Focus 8 can be “taught” how to design your
               definitions. Visual cues bring your attention to triggered data   reports, and where to pick data from. The limitless capabilities put you in charge
               items ensuring that you quickly identify areas of      ensuring that you get reports with all relevant information. Moreover, the report writer
               performance  and  those  that  need  attention,  significantly   can also pick data items from various integrated sources including other applications,
               reducing the time it takes to do so.                   databases and even excel sheets. You can also use all B.I. capabilities including
               KPI definitions are available across all standard as well as   filtering, conditions, grouping, KPI definitions, and analysis across these generated
                 user-designed modules and reports                    reports. Once defined, you can save these report “templates” or add them to your
                                                                      dashboards as well.
               KPI definitions allow you to highlight data values through
                 a report based on specific criteria                    “Teach” the report writer how you want your reports designed
                                                                       Pick data from virtually any integrated source including applications, databases and
               The reports can indicate relevant data items using icons,   excel sheets
                 images or color to suit your preference               Use all Business Intelligence functionalities and capabilities including filters,
               The flexibility allows you to define whether specific cells,   grouping, KPI definition setting, analysis, and various other functions on these
                 columns or rows get highlighted in the report further   reports
                 tailoring the reports to suit your needs              Save these reports for reuse, or add them to your dashboards as dashlets


                 The B. I. capabilities offer you tremendous control over information that exists within and throughout your system. The data compiled and collated
                 offers you an in-depth view of your organization, equipping you with the capabilities of making smart and effective decisions.
                  Focus 8 B. I. offers you easy and quick access to critical data for effective decision making
                  Organizational “pulse” is always at your fingertips
                  “Real time” data and smart reports provide you with up to the minute information
                  Role & user specific information allows you to eliminate “data noise” and focus on relevant information
                  Data presentation allows you to better understand customer behaviors, sales trends and cash flows
                  Improves overall organizational efficiency

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