Data Mining


Data build-up in “Silos” is a result of a heavily automated environment where applications were organically added as the business evolved. It has become a challenge to get unified information across the enterprise as data was not resident on a single platform. This need brought about the evolution of data mining to enable reporting across applications. At Focus Softnet, we have provided a platform, which can tap into various “Silos” and translate the data onto a single platform from where the compiled information can be sliced and diced for analytics.

Our Data mining services allow limitless capabilities that put you in charge, ensuring that you get reports with all relevant information across your enterprise.  The engine can also pick data items from various integrated sources including other applications, databases and even excel sheets. You can also use all B.I. capabilities including filtering, conditions, grouping, KPI definitions, and analysis across these generated reports

  • Analytical features are very user-friendly, equipped with drag-and-drop capabilities
  • No programming or database expertise is required. An average user can create powerful analytical reports using the tools provided in the system
  • Reuse analytical reports once designed by saving them as new BI Report Layouts
  • “Teach” the report writer how you want your reports designed
  • Pick data from virtually any integrated source including applications, databases and excel sheets
  • Use all Business Intelligence functionalities and capabilities including filters, grouping, KPI definition setting, analysis, and various other functions on these reports